This term, we are working in groups on a Project called “Creating our Island” in one English lesson a week. It mainly consists in creating an island, give it a name, decide where in the world this island should be and what it would be used for. It is a very creative project in which we have to write a short presentation arguing the case for why our island should be built an It is  also a speaking task. We have learnt new vocabulary and we have used the structure of how to write a description.foto1

I find this project quite interesting as it is a funny way to learn English and develop other skills such as our creativity and imagination. Being open-minded is important because is group work, so we need to listen other mates ideas plus being organised and clean.

We’ve been working hard on it. Personally, I want to keep on working on it becuse it is relly entertaining.

P. M 2º ESO B




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